Running Clinic

Running Clinic

Running Excersises

The Running Clinic offers a specialist assessment and treatment service for runners. If you’re running a marathon or running to get fit, we are here to improve you technique and performance. Running is the most important exercise method to keeping fit. However, most runners tend to experience injuries more frequently because of poor technique and running excessively.

From humble beginnings

The joints will tend to wear out eventually but this happens more quickly if they are moving inadequately. If you can learn to run more efficiently not only do you significantly reduce your injury risk but you will also improve your performance at the same time.

Simply Fitness London running clinic uses experienced Physiotherapists to deliver this service, they look deeply into movement analysis and the reasons why we don’t always move correctly or efficiently.

Once you have completed an examination of your muscle and skeletal systems, each session will identify your movement pattern imperfections or weaknesses, through detailed analysis of your whole body posture and movement. We use state of the art high speed video gait analysis to identify movement pattern faults and relate these to muscle performance and skeletal findings. Specific coaching drills and muscle conditioning exercises are then prescribed and practiced with regular video feedback so that you are able to see immediately as the improvements are made.

How to Run a Marathon

We also provide a sports massage to loosen up stiff joints and muscles and help the body working efficiently again.

Step1 accomplishing fitness levels
step 2 running gear and training equipment
step 3 adopt a running style
step 4 starting point
step 5 Enter your first running race.
Step 6 Marathon training plan
Step 7 Diet plan
Step 8 Physical and mental preparation
Step 9 Avoiding injuries
Step 10 Running the marathon

The 10 types of running

BioScore is our simple health and fitness assessment which tells you how young you are biologically in comparison to your actual age. 

What we do?

  • We can help you stay injury free
  • We can improve your running technique
  • We can increase your running time
  • We can set up a diet and a running plan
  • We can help you feel great through our running clinic